Sports massage

Remedial and Sports Massage

Peter Cooney | BSc(Hons) NAMMT(RM)

Peter Rhodes BSc (Hons), PGDip, NAMMT (RM)


Remedial massage is the combination of very deep kneading, stroking and muscle stretching techniques to manipulate and mobilize the body's soft tissues and so effectively help many musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, such as pulled, tight or strained muscles.

Massage helps muscles to relax through heat generation and stretching and can therefore ease tension and pressure build up within the muscles, which are sometimes difficult to stretch. It can be beneficial in reducing scar tissue from previous injuries and in helping damaged ligaments regain correct alignment to reduce recuperation time.

It can also help in improving blood flow to areas to promote nutrient flow and healing, especially in tight or chronic conditions. Improved lymphatic circulation and drainage (part of the body's natural defense system) aids in waste product removal and so encourages the muscles to take up oxygen and nutrients that help them speed up recovery.

Other benefits of massage include the response of the nervous system, which can be soothed for pain relief or stimulated for aiding rehabilitation, depending on the technique used.

Athletes may need to improve the elasticity and power of muscle groups to maximize their performance and massage is often used, in pre- and post- event treatments to help achieve this and also to prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle stiffness).

Initial Consultation (Treatments approximately 1hour)

During the initial treatment a full case history is taken, which will include questions about your complaint, your past medical history and any medications you are on. The examination then comprises both visual and movement aspects to enable a complete analysis of the complaint and so enable a treatment schedule to be developed. Subsequent treatments will also include rehabilitation and maintenance advice. Due to the nature of the treatment you may be required to remove some clothing but you will be covered with towels however please feel free to bring shorts etc. or a gown can be provided.